Jul. 28th, 2008 11:33 pm
whydowefall: (bruce stare)
Busy day at the office today. I did get everything finalized to get that new clinic built, using the plans my father laid out before he died. (Thank you, Alfred, for pointing those out to me.) I'm hoping to break ground next week and have the whole thing done by the fall.

Had to deal with various bits of Foundation business, too. We're getting new people in on the Arts Council, the medical aid program, and Family Finders. Lots of new faces coming here to Gotham to pitch in and help turn this city around.

I got a disturbing piece of news when I got to the office this morning. Jameson Grant, one of the board members, I guess he died yesterday in a traffic accident. His car went off the road and slammed into a building, in Midtown. They think he might've fallen asleep at the wheel. It's all very shocking. I'm making arrangements for his widow, kids, and grandkids.

This new clinic's going to need financial backing. I'm thinking of throwing a fundraiser the end of next month sometime.

In not-work-related news, the Bugatti should be here next week. And my new personal assistant is a godsend. Which I guess might still be vaguely work-related. I think.


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