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13 of your favorite sexual things to do and why.
1. Models.
2. Actresses.
3. Pop stars.
4. Gymnasts.
5. Dancers.
6. Riding instructors.
7. Swimmers.
8. Skaters.
9. Heiresses.
10. Restaurant or club hostesses.
11. Centerfold models.
12. Video models.
13. Yoga instructors.

...do I really need to explain why?
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13 Tabloid Rumors About Me That Are Not True:

1. I'm gay.
2. I'm a raging alcoholic.
3. I'm a drug addict.
4. I'm not really Bruce Wayne, I'm just some guy Wayne Enterprises hired to play the part after the real Bruce Wayne died during my seven-year absence from Gotham.
5. I have a secret wife and/or children secreted someplace.
6. I lost a fortune when Wayne Manor burned down because I had money hidden in the floorboards.
7. I'm Alfred's biological son.
8. I'm a Scientologist.
9. I insulted Kate Moss by turning her down for a date.
10. I was gone for seven years because I was waiting for the statute of limitations for a crime to run out.
11. I have a psychiatrist on speed-dial to keep me fully and happily medicated.
12. I date as many women as I do and drive the cars that I do because I'm overcompensating for, ah, certain shortcomings.
13. I don't give a damn about my city.


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